In 2015, Herbal Adjunct, LLC. was founded by a Cardiovascular Nurse due to lack of quality weight-loss supplements on the market.  Due to a newly diagnosed spinal disorder, he had to lose weight, but wasn’t able to exercise because of the condition and the pain involved. 

He turned to the internet for advice and found that most of the weight-loss supplements on the market were questionable at best.  That is the spark that started Herbal Adjunct.

After reading nutrition journals and other scientific articles, He found only a few herbal remedies stood up to scientific scrutiny. He knew that he needed all the help he could get, so he combined those ingredients into a single formula. 

The formula not only boosts metabolism, but has an ingredient to decrease the jitters sometimes associated with caffeine, as well as an ingredient to combat the stress that frequently occurs with trying to lose weight.  It also includes herbs shown in studies to alter how fat is stored and burned*.

That formula became known as MetaboAmp™ with Nervalax™.  He lost over 40 pounds in under 12 weeks and blogged the entire journey along with weekly progress pictures. 

In order to maintain the loss, he started a ketogenic diet.  He looked for supplements for ketosis, and again found the market lacking. 

Now Herbal Adjunct is preparing to release its second formula: KetoSavior™.  This formula was developed to protect ketosis by altering how your body digests, transports and stores glucose as well as how fat is burned and stored*.   

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