Supplement Disclaimer

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MetaboAmp™ with Nervalax™ is a proprietary blend of herbs and supplements combined into a single weight loss formula.  Although dosages are not listed below, the actual ingredients are here.  In addition, please see below for other supplements I will be taking during … Read More

Product Cost Determined

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We received our final quote for the manufacturing of MetaboAmp™ with Nervalax™ today.  Based on the initial expected volume, the monthly cost of MetaboAmp™ will be $34.99.  Of course, we will be doing a pre-sale of sorts using a crowdfunding platform, so … Read More

Forward Momentum

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As those of you following our progress have noted, we have given the site a little color and have our new logo installed.  Everything is coming together with the website quite nicely and we are proud of what we have … Read More

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