Can I eat low carb and low fat?

posted in: Enhancing Ketosis

Although you can eat a low carb and low fat diet and lose weight, it will most likely be due to calorie restriction and not ketosis.

Unfortunately, this is a common misconception with new keto dieters by thinking it would be healthier to eat low fat as well as low carb. 

However, for ketosis to work for weight loss, the body must be primed to use fat for energy.  This isn’t accomplished without adequate fat intake. 

There is a high likelihood that your body would not generate enough ketones from fat stores alone to keep you active and healthy.  That being said, there are multiple low-fat, low-carb diets that are effective for weight loss, they just aren’t ketogenic diets.

A good example of a low-carb, low-fat diet would be the Mediterranean Diet or DASH diets.  More information about each can be located HERE and HERE.  Neither diet works through ketosis, however.

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