Welcome to Herbal Adjunct!

My name is Davis Spencer and I am a Cardiovascular Nurse.  A couple of years ago, I started having lower back and upper leg pain that didn’t get better over time.  It became painful to stand for long periods of time and walking any distance became problematic.  As a result, I gained weight.  Not to say I wasn’t heavy before, which I was, but without being able to walk for exercise, the weight problem became even worse.  Within the last six months, I have been diagnosed with a spinal disorder that causes pressure on my nerves and explains the pain I have been having.  Although I am pursuing medical treatments, I still need to lose weight, so I can’t rely on exercise to augment my weight loss through calorie control.  In order to give myself the best chance of succeeding, I decided to research weight loss supplements to see which, if any, actually worked.  I was a little disappointed at the results.  After reading nutrition journals and other scientific articles, I found only a few herbal remedies stood up to scientific scrutiny.  Now, I am the type of person that wants to go all in when I do something, so if I have to lose weight without exercise, I want some extra support in doing so.  I wanted to combine those herbal supplements that did work into a single formula. Thus, Herbal Adjunct was born.

I developed a formula that not only boosts metabolism, but has an ingredient to decrease the jitters sometimes associated with caffeine, as well as an ingredient to combat the stress that frequently occurs with trying to lose weight.  It also includes herbs shown in studies to alter how fat is stored and burned. Armed with this formula, I researched manufacturers and found a company to produce and bottle my new creation, so I can share it with the world.  I know I am not the only one struggling with this, and given that most of you CAN exercise, you should lose even more weight than me if you follow the plan.

So here is my plan.  First, I created this site and will start making Social Media sites to get the word out.  It is imperative to me that I be as transparent as I can in order for this to inspire others.  I will start posting my pictures as I lose weight, as well as scale stats and allow people to follow my weight online through my wireless scale.  I will keep blogging on this site as well as on social media.  After a couple of months of solid weight loss (I want to prove to myself and everyone else that it works), I will start a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to bring the formula to market.  Everyone that donates a certain amount will get a month’s supply, or for those that help even more, they will receive three months’ worth.  For those early adopters, the cost of the donation will be cheaper than the retail price they would have to pay once the supplements are available on the open market.   And believe me, buying all of the ingredients separately is a LOT more expensive than the initial quotes I have gotten for the final product.  Buying all the ingredients separately is what I have to do since my formula isn’t being manufactured yet.

That is the plan.  Herbal Adjunct is the company.  This is your chance to be part of something from the ground up.  Together, we will all lose weight.


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