What is a keto cheat day

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A keto “cheat day” is an intentional break in ketosis by eating more carbs than the diet allows.  Although called a cheat day, it may be as short as just one meal. 

Regardless of the duration, it is a break in ketosis, typically for pleasure or to resolve cravings, but is not part of a dietary process, like the Targeted Keto Diet or Cyclical Keto Diet. See: “What are the types of ketogenic diets?” for other diet types. 

That being said, some people call days with higher carb counts while on the Cyclical Keto Diet as cheat days, even though they are part of the diet itself.

Ketogenic diets are difficult to maintain because carbohydrates are so pervasive in Western Culture.  Carbohydrates are added to almost everything pre-made and most restaurants do not have low carb options. 

As a result, most keto dieters end up craving foods that have higher carbohydrate counts than they can eat on the keto diet.  Although most people have a decreased appetite while on keto, the psychological cravings tend not to go away. 

As a result, some people choose to break ketosis long enough to overcome the cravings by eating the foods they miss.  Please see “How does cheating affect ketosis?” and “How can I get back into ketosis after a cheat day?” for further discussion.      

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