Our core values are fully ingrained in everything we do. Herbal Adjunct was created to develop high performing, complex herbal supplements that are not only effective, but are fairly priced. Please see below for our Mission Statement and our Core Values.

Mission Statement

Herbal Adjunct, LLC. is committed to developing the best herbal supplements through combining ingredients with shown scientific efficacy into complex formulations to achieve positive outcomes for its customers.

Core Values


  • Herbal Adjunct, LLC. tests all supplements to verify content and makes these records available to the public.
  • Herbal Adjunct, LLC. vets all vendors and ingredient suppliers to validate quality standards and ethical workplace environments.
  • Herbal Adjunct, LLC. does not edit endorsements/reviews or pay for any product endorsements from anyone that hasn’t used the product themselves or evaluated them from a medical/scientific perspective. No product reviews are ever paid for, either by us or by third-party affiliates for our benefit.


  • Herbal Adjuct, LLC. is committed to providing the best combination of ingredients to effect the desired outcome, while maintaining safe dosages.
  • Herbal Adjuct, LLC. focuses research and development on current Western nutraceutical science as well as ethnobotanical research, such as scientific research into Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs, Ayurvedic medicine and other botanically based medical interventions.


  • Herbal Adjunct, LLC. is committed to maintaining quality control in all of its products, tests all products to verify content and lack of contamination.
  • Herbal Adjunct, LLC. is committed to risk transparency and will have a section of known side effects and medical concerns on every product page and ingredient information page.  However, no one with a chronic illness or taking prescription pharmaceuticals should take herbal supplements without discussing with a medical practitioner first.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.