Product Cost Determined

posted in: Corporate News

We received our final quote for the manufacturing of MetaboAmp™ with Nervalax™ today.  Based on the initial expected volume, the monthly cost of MetaboAmp™ will be $34.99.  Of course, we will be doing a pre-sale of sorts using a crowdfunding platform, so anyone supporting Herbal Adjunct with $30 will receive a one month supply, or $75 will receive a three month supply.  We are SO excited to be able to offer these price points.  To give you an idea of the value, I purchased the ingredients individually (as cheaply as possible as long as the manufacturing quality was as high as ours) and the total was $151.42 per month, not including shipping.  This formula saves $120 per month.  Not only that, but because of the quality of our product, you will only need to take 6 capsules a day (2 per meal) instead of the 17 pills you would need to take if you purchased them individually (based on the dosages we purchased).

To summarize:

Cost: 80% LESS EXPENSIVE (even more if you get in during the crowdfunding phase, 83% LESS)

Number of pills: 65% FEWER pills to take

WOW – Just wow!