Early Adopters Giveaway

Example of one dose of KetoSavior™ 30 minutes prior to eating 1/2 medium pepperoni pizza from Domino’s. Results show data from two different tests done one week apart using the same meal parameters. Actual results shown, but your results may vary.

Welcome to our early adopters giveaway page. We say giveaway, because you will not be charged for participation, the cost of the product or the cost of shipping. Completely FREE to you (minus any cellphone/internet fees on your end). Please fill out the form below and take special note of the requirements.

In order to participate, you must:

  • You must own a Blood Ketone Meter (no UA sticks)
  • Must be able to email pictures of the meter (when signing up) and results (after participating)
  • Must sign a disclosure agreement and health questionnaire

After participating you will be required to:

  • Take one photo of ketone meter results 2-3 hours after eating and submit via email
  • Send details of the meal you ate (with macros when possible)
  • Must complete one video testimonial regarding what you ate, what the results were and any comments (good or bad) you may have. This will be done online without adding software on your end.

Once you have been signed up, you will receive an email with the login information for your profile. This will be filled in, but please verify the information for accuracy. This is the information we will use for mailing your tester pack and any other giveaways.

We are so confident about our product that we know the tester servings will leave you wanting more. So….

After participation is complete and you meet all of the requirements above, we will send you a Thank You of two (2) bottles of KetoSavior™. Each bottle contains ten (10) servings of KetoSavior™ for a total of 20 servings. These are free of charge and you pay NO shipping.

1) Try KetoSavior™ – get three free servings to test

2) Complete your evaluation and one testimonial regarding the results from one of the test servings

3) Get free KetoSavior

Limited quantities. While supplies last. Submission does not constitute acceptance into the early adopter giveaway.

Questions before applying? Email: early-adopters@herbaladjunct.com or go to:

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